Choosing Wisely helps doctors and patients together avoid needless and even harmful procedures.

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Bone-Density Tests (AAFP)


Brain Scans for Head Injuries (AMSSM)


Cardiac Imaging (ASNC)

    • In some cases, especially in healthy people without chest pain, you should be cautious about the tests.
    • English:Cardiac Imaging (ASNC)


Chest X-rays Before Surgery (ACR)


Clogged Neck Arteries (AAFP)


CMR Tests for Chest Pain and Cardiac Screening (SCMR)


CT Scans for Children With Head Injuries (AAP)


CT Scans to Find Lung Cancer in Smokers (CHEST/ATS)


Echocardiogram Before Surgery (ASE)


Echocardiograms for Valve Disease (ACC)


Echocardiography After Valve Surgery (STS)


Heart Imaging Before Surgery (ACC)


Heart Stress Tests Before Chest Surgery (STS)


Heart Tests Before Surgery (ASNC)


Imaging and Blood Tests in Early Breast Cancer (ASCO)


Imaging Tests for Back Pain (AAFP)


Imaging Tests for Early Prostate Cancer (ASCO)


Imaging Tests for Headaches (ACR)


Imaging Tests for Heart Disease (ACC)


Imaging Tests for Ovarian Cysts (ACR)


Lower back pain (rack card)


Mammograms Before Elective Breast Surgery (ASPS)


PET Scans After Cancer Treatment (ASCO)


Screening Tests for Brain Aneurysms (AANS)


Whole-Body Scans to Screen for Cancer (ACPM)