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LaTonya Fuller and I recently attended the Families USA Conference in our nation’s capital  —  sharing strategies to protect healthcare for families, children, and seniors at the FamiliesUSA Health Actions Conference 2018! Families USA#HA2018
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 Recent Messages:
The Legislative Action Team for Children and Families includes over 20 of WV’s leading non-profits and organizations working for children and families.
The 2018 Legislative Session concludes this Saturday, but we need your help to preserve vital nutrition programs for families in West Virginia.
Call Senate Health to OPPOSE HB 4001, expanded work requirements for SNAP / Food Stamps.
Call your Senators and ask them to protect Energy Express and Volunteer WV, which would be reorganized under HB 4006.
Thank you for speaking up throughout the Regular Session. Your voices are making a difference!
The Legislature has passed comprehensive legislation to help prevent the sexual abuse of children!
A deal was reached to end the teachers strike that included 5% raise for all state workers in addition to State Troopers, teachers, and service personnel.
You helped defeat HB4623 which would have made it harder for pregnant moms to get the care they need.
You helped defeat HB4390, which would have weakened standards for CPS and Adult Protective Service social workers.
We are now closely following two bills, HB 4001 and HB 4006 that could hinder food security for West Virginians.
HB 4001 makes changes to SNAP benefits that will take food off of tables for those who need it most.
HB 4006 eliminates the Department of Education and the Arts, which oversees the Energy Express Program and Volunteer WV. Energy Express feeds and helps provide care for thousands of WV children during summer break.
House Bill 4001 is scheduled to be on the Senate Health Committee Agenda TODAY at 1:00 p.m.
Step One:
Please contact members of the Senate Health Committee and ask them to OPPOSE HB4001. Struggling families need food on their table – not more bureaucracy that discourages them from saving for their future.

Step Two:
HB 4006 is on Second Reading in the State Senate this morning. This is the AMENDMENT stage. Please call your Senators and urge them to ensure that Energy Express and Volunteer WV are preserved.


HB4001 would implement work requirements on SNAP recipients – regardless of whether there are jobs available. SNAP benefits average $3.90 per day. A Pilot Project in 9 counties showed that the mandate did not result in more people working – instead it lead to thousands of people losing their financial assistance and huge increase in use of Food Pantries in those counties.

HB4006 would eliminate the Department of Education and the Arts, which oversees numerous programs including the Center for Professional Development, which was created after the 1990 teachers strike. Education and the Arts also oversees Energy Express, Volunteer WV, Imagination Library, the state Early Childhood Advisory Council and many other programs. These programs and initiatives have a variety of federal and state funding sources. Lawmakers want to transition most of these programs to the WV Board of Education; HOWEVER it is unclear how all of the programs would be maintained.

Please call your Senators and urge them to oppose HB 4001 and seek amendments to HB 4006 in order to preserve vital nutrition programs for struggling families. SNAP benefits for families and Energy Express both need our support for the families that need them to put food on their table.

This message is brought to you by the Legislative Action Team on Children & Families. The #1 Question: Is it Good for Kids?
2/27/2018:  WV FREE — Rally for Women’s Lives  — Saturday, March 3, 2018 — 3:00 p.m.  — West Virginia State Capitol, Charleston


It is time to stand up for  West Virginia women’s reproductive health and rights.  Join health and justice allies from across the state on the 105th anniversary of DC’s Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913, to let West Virginia legislators know that we will fight for women’s health. The threats to women are real in our state capitol. The West Virginia state legislature is currently debating bills that will end a West Virginia women’s right to control her own reproductive choices.  Our state legislators are d debating:  A bill to redefine health services to exclude abortion for women on Medicaid (House Bill 4012).  A bill to punish women found to be on drugs when they seek prenatal health care (House Bill 4623).  A resolution (Senate Joint Resolution 12) placing on the ballot in November an amendment to our West Virginia Constitution that states “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of abortion.”  State senators rejected any exceptions – even for victims of rape and incest, and pregnancies that would kill the mother.

2/19/2018:   February 28, 2018!  Year of the Child Day!  As you know, the “Year of the Child” campaign is a collaborative effort to address the unmet needs of kids affected by the opioid crisis. Our hope that that by working together, for at least one day, we can make these kids’ needs a priority for the Legislature.   Register here for Year of the Child:  PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK!  Without a critical mass, we won’t get their attention. Thank you, and we really hope to see you there!

2/12/2018:   You’re Invited – February 28th – Year of the Child!
Do you want to know  what we’ve been up to?  Well, here it is!  Our February 2018 Newsletter!  Just click the link and enjoy! 
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